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How our service works for you

This is a confidential reporting and documentation service that gives you the opportunity 24/7 to make your report which will dependably be recorded and transcribed and kept in a safe place for you and can be sent to you and/or your attorney. We also offer a premium service in which you speak to a live counselor if you wish to, who understands what you're going through and will electronically report the abuse you are experiencing in your relationship with your partner, your spouse, your children or your ex.

  •  You want to immediately call your attorney who would like to listen and assist, but may not be available.

  •  When your attorney is available, you may have forgotten details and it will cost you over $350.00 per hour.

  •  With our service you can document a history of what you are going through, safely and confidentially, for only: $5 per month, and only $2.95 per minute, which covers your receiving a typed transcript of your every word by Email, plus a voice recording!

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  • With us you can immediately and easily make a note and record of any incident - while it's fresh in your mind! 

  • You want action now, not to wait.

  • We thereby help you and your attorney and reduce frustration.


  • Whether it's your relationship or that of a child or a friend, the concern and anguish you feel from the behavior you are witnessing may be destroying the relationship and causing harm.

  •  Your reports to us will be recorded factually in your own numbered file and will  be securely stored for you and available when you need it. 

  •  We will provide you with formal reports as often as you request, so that you can review them at your leisure.  We also store and archive all recorded messages and can provide you with typed transcripts and/or copies of the actual recorded conversations.

How can our service help you?



  •  DIVORCING LITIGANTS: You simply take the History Record to your attorney to save many hours of trial preparation, or take it with you to Court as a guide for your own testimony, to help you end your case in the most favorable light.

  •  Take it with you to your mediation to facilitate your rendition of the facts of your case.

  •  CUSTODY LITIGANTS: You simply take the Abuse History Record to your Court appointed custody evaluator or guardian at litem to help you establish yourself as the primary or sole custodian for your children.

  •  SPOUSES: You simply take the Abuse History Record to your meeting with the marriage counselor, with your minister, with your spouse to address how your marriage is failing.

  •  RELATIVES: You simply take the Abuse History Record to your addiction specialist or use it as a tool to confront your loved one at an intervention to address and resolve their addiction issues.

  •  LOVERS: You simply take the Abuse History Record to your partner or relationship counselor to let them see what is happening that is damaging your relationship.

  •  NEIGHBORS: You simply take the Abuse History Record to your small claims trial or injunction hearing to guide your testimony to end the un-neighborly behavior.

All calls will be confidential subject to any reports of prospective criminal activity or child abuse or threats against the collective citizens of the United States or its Territories.

We reserve the right to engage transcriptionists ,typists, computer operators, internet technicians or any support persons necessary to conduct the stated business who may have access to confidential records.

You must agree to waive any claim due to faulty dispensing of information unless the same is an intentional act with malice directed at the individual damaged by the same.




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While we do not  give legal advice or psychological counseling under any circumstances, our counselors are trained to understand the issues expressed by our callers and have at their fingertips volumes of links that will give you access to places where you can get further help, including::Attorney referrals, Psychological counseling referrals, Property evaluation referrals,  Government administration links, etc.  You only have to ask. Contact us today and let us help guide you to where the specific help you need can be found.


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